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Numeryx LAB



Numeryx Lab: Technical Innovation in IT

Using a co-innovation philosophy in order to reinvent the customer experience, Numeryx has created its research & development laboratory “NUMERYX LAB”, placing cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) at the heart of its innovation model. 

In a rapidly changing world, our ambition is to develop innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies, with a B2B focus. 

Our strength lies in our employees: Highly qualified, motivated and committed talents who strive to bring innovative ideas that address the issues faced by our customers and partners. 



In an increasingly connected world, the digital transformation of companies is accelerating more quickly than ever: There is an explosion in user data (Big Data), the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is intensifying and the shift of information systems to cloud computing is becoming more and more significant. 

A key priority for companies of all sizes is to reorganize in order to deal with increasingly numerous and sophisticated cyberattacks, particularly as such malicious attacks cause serious damage not only to a company’s finances, but also to its image. 

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, cyberattacks could be responsible for economic losses of up to 2,000 billion euros by 2020. 

In response to these challenges, NUMERYX is working to develop its firewall solution – one of the key components in ensuring effective, wide-ranging protection against cyberattacks. A firewall is the first line of defense for halting attacks or slowing their progress. 

Our firewall solution, named “DMS Firewall”, offers unparalleled advantages with its SURE technological advances. 


Internet of Things

The growth in machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, without human intervention, has accelerated sharply in recent years. Estimates for 2020 are of the order of 200 billion connected objects (according to Intel). This is because the technology offers its share of advantages, including the ability to give a digital identity to each object in order to measure its performance, track it and even anticipate its end of life. 

For example, the IoT improves transparency and visibility across an entire production chain. Whether in a store or a warehouse, the IoT provides the means for keeping inventory statuses up to date on an ongoing basis and reconciling them against in-store demand. In store, connected objects are used to analyze customer journeys, and also to make their experience more interactive and streamlined. 

This means that the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things are virtually limitless, being restricted only by the creativity of companies and users. 

For example, Numeryx has created its own parking lot management solution: Smart Parking! 

This solution provides real-time monitoring of free parking spaces, saving motorists considerable time. 

Our achievements

Optimus - Qualidata

Optimus - Qualidata

The achievements that have been requested for these two markets are services with guarantee and commitment and obligation of result.



Operation of secure infrastructures at Orange.

Intériale Mutuelle

Internal Mutual

Implementation and development of an information system for mass publishing of expiry notices and letters from the Chairman of the mutual insurance company.